[day 36] – salad rolls

22 May

Today, we decided to make salad rolls, which are a great light meal or snack.
salad rolls beansprouts

salad rolls beef

salad roll peanuts

salad roll carrots

salad roll disks

These disks are quite handy for soaking the rice paper to keep it from ripping.
salad roll wrapping

salad roll

There is no doubt a million different ways to make these tasty rolls, but for ours, we tried to keep it simple.

Ingredients (it is difficult to say how much of each ingredient, but you can estimate by how much I put in each roll in the above photo):
– rice paper
– water (to soak the rice paper)
– rice noodles
– beansprouts
– chives
– carrots
– lettuce
– some sort of meat (we had roast beef and ground pork stirfried with onions, shrimp is also another good choice)
– crushed peanuts
– hoisin sauce
– sriracha

1. Soak rice paper for approximately 1 minute with warm water. Drain water. Let sit for 10 seconds so that the paper is not too wet.
2. Place desired ingredients on the paper (don’t forget the sauces!) and wrap!


One Response to “[day 36] – salad rolls”

  1. debbe May 25, 2010 at 10:30 am #

    Delicious!! I love those! Did you make any extra for me?

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