[day 79 – July 4] – lunch is served.

5 Jul

C invited Mom and I over for lunch. It was a wonderful text message to wake up to!

She made this Vietnamese Carmalized Chicken from a magazine about cooking for two, which is brilliant. I don’t know why these kinds of cookbooks aren’t more popular. It makes so much sense to me. There are lots of people living on their own or with one other person and don’t want to make a huge recipe that they may not like.

Next, she served pad thai. One of my favourites. I’m a suck for pretty much any kind of noodle dish out there.

Mom brought her new creation for us to try. C and I were a little skeptical at red bean paste with strawberry, but it was quite pleasant. Mom got the recipe off YouTube!


2 Responses to “[day 79 – July 4] – lunch is served.”

  1. debbe July 5, 2010 at 3:18 pm #

    Yum! Everything looks so delicious!! I wish my family were culinary geniuses like your family!!


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    […] Jul After the great success of the strawberry daifuku (mentioned day 79), Mom thought it’d be a great idea to try it out with mango (minus the red […]

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