[day 89 – July 14] – mango gooeyness

16 Jul

After the great success of the strawberry daifuku (mentioned day 79), Mom thought it’d be a great idea to try it out with mango (minus the red bean).

Diced up mangoes.

Cooling the dough in an ice water bath.



The verdict? It was actually a disappointment. It wasn’t that it wasn’t tasty, but it wasn’t anything special. The texture of the mochi and the mango was both soft, whereas when made with the strawberry, the mochi was soft and the strawberry firmer. Also with the strawberry, the red bean paste went quite well with it, kind of tasting like chocolate when the whole thing was stuffed in your mouth. We didn’t try the mango with red bean because we didn’t have any. Make it again? Probably not.


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