[day 118 – August 12] – Indian Pavillion

15 Aug

Suzie, Annie, and I went to the Indian Pavillion for Folklorama (a cultural display of a variety of cultures held every summer in Winnipeg). I swear, if I could be any other culture, I’d be East Indian, I am so fascinated with their culture, food, and people.


I wanted to try something new, so instead of getting butter chicken (one of my faves), I tried gol gappa, a crispyhollow spherical “wafer” served with this potato stuff… It wasn’t really that great…


Can’t go wrong with samosas!


This girl has quite an interesting design on her arm.


Suzie getting henna!


This lady was super nice and talented!


Adding glitter.

IMG_6384The finished design.


Annie’s turn!



Sadly I didn’t get to get henna because I spent all my cash on admission and food :(.. and there was no on-site ATM.


2 Responses to “[day 118 – August 12] – Indian Pavillion”

  1. debbe August 16, 2010 at 1:55 pm #

    You have to come with me to Samosa to try the gol gappa! It’s delicious there, and you get to make your own mixture to spoon into the pockets!

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