[day 135 – August 29] – loved and diseased

2 Sep

I was out with Sister 2 when Suzie called me to see if I was home. She wouldn’t say what she wanted but just to text her when I was. I was actually pretty eager to go home because I had this horrible cough that made me exhausted and kept me up at night so really wanted to nap.


So when I got home I texted her when I got home and look what she dropped off for me! I LOVE these drinks and had been craving one for quite awhile already. Hoe sweet of her!

So I FINALLY finished this lil crochet buddy. I promised EM that she could have it when I finished it and she was leaving soon so I rushed to finish it… but forgot to bring it when I saw her on Aug. 30th 😦


Finally got something to help me sleep… hopefully… nighttime cold pills 🙂


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