[day 160 – September 23] – blush

26 Sep


Suzie and I went to play at Sephora. I love Sephora! It’s not even that I buy lots of stuff there, but I really enjoy the atmosphere. It’s nice to browse through makeup without the pushy people at places like the Bay or Sears. I find that people at Sephora are so helpful and genuinely are interested in assisting their customers in finding a product that is right for them. It’s also awesome because you can get samples of products you like.

This time round, I got a girl to help me look for a blush. I’m not usually one to wear blush, but I recently ordered a blush brush from Coastal Scents (it was on sale from $8 to $4!!… I couldn’t resist!), so I thought that it would only be right to get a blush (it sounds like I’m trying to justify my brush purchase with another purchase… yes.. not the smartest thing I agree…). It’s not that I don’t like blush, I think it looks nice, but I just never really got into wearing it for some reason… Anyway, I like this blush that the salesgirl put on me, what do you think? It’s subtle enough that it looks almost like a natural flush I think. I didn’t pick it up yet, but I’m thinking that I may.


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