[day 185 – October 18] – Boon Burger

25 Oct





RyBread and I were starving and were going to go for some Pho, but then I remembered driving by this place a couple weeks ago and making a mental note to try this cute looking place. RyBread wasn’t too excited about trying a vege burger place, but decided, eh, what the heck.



It’s super cute that they give you a toy to take with you to the table to identify you after you order. Loved the hippo.



Waiting very hungrily for his food.



I had the boon burger (grilled mushroom-rice patty, mayo, dijon, homemade peach chutney, caramelized onion, sliced cucumber,  tomato, & lettuce), RyBread had the baja burger (grilled mushroom-rice patty, special bermuda sauce, fresh pineapple, a slice of daiya cheddar, tomato, & lettuce), and we shared a poutine.




Three kinds of hot sauce!


It is a super cute place and the people there are super friendly. The burgers were alright, but the fries weren’t the best. RyBread wanted to throw up after eating them because he tasted too strong a flavour of olive oil.


2 Responses to “[day 185 – October 18] – Boon Burger”

  1. debbe October 25, 2010 at 12:22 pm #

    Wow! You did another great job!! These are such good shots!! Great capture on both doors! I especially love the one of RyBread in the doorway looking off. You made the food look delicious too!

  2. Zabrina October 27, 2010 at 12:24 am #

    i love the pic where you took a pic of ciara’s daily special and ryan looks creepy

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